Chapter 1: The Tilley-Blandin Family Leaves Westbeth

Chapter 2: Hopper Hides from His Mistakes Behind a Pug

Chapter 3: The Stabbing of Hopper

Chapter 4: It’s a Mixed Up, Muddled Up, Shook Up World (Except for Lola)

Chapter 5: The Safety of Fifth Avenue

Chapter 6: A Brilliant, Well-Told Lie

Chapter 7: We All Harbor Our Complexities

Chapter 8: The Chloe Sevigny of Her Generation

Chapter 9: The Non-Marriage Marriage

Chapter 10: Empire State Building

Chapter 11: The Language of Dilly and Hopper

Chapter 12: Silver Dates Her Rapist

Chapter 13: Hopper’s Vocabulary Volcano

Banner: Paul Brake | Instagram: @paul_brake

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