“Ulysses” is a novella set in New York City on Bloomsday in the year 2022. We follow Hopper Tilley-Blandin, a successful author and unsuccessful husband, as he travels by foot through Manhattan to find peace with his family and his past and to recognize and confront his future.

Readers who are interested in learning more about Hopper and his family are encouraged to read “The Tilley-Blandin Family Saga, Explained” and “The 12 Days of the Tilley-Blandin Coronavirus Christmas.”

Chapter 1: The Tilley-Blandin Family Leaves Westbeth

Chapter 2: Hopper Hides from His Mistakes Behind a Pug

Chapter 3: The Stabbing of Hopper

Chapter 4: It’s a Mixed Up, Muddled Up, Shook Up World (Except for Lola)

Chapter 5: The Safety of Fifth Avenue

Chapter 6: A Brilliant, Well-Told Lie

Chapter 7: We All Harbor Our Complexities

Chapter 8: The Chloe Sevigny of Her Generation

Chapter 9: The Non-Marriage Marriage

Chapter 10: Empire State Building

Chapter 11: The Language of Dilly and Hopper

Chapter 12: Silver Dates Her Rapist

Chapter 13: Hopper’s Vocabulary Volcano

Chapter 14: Everything in Life Comes Down to Math

Chapter 15: The Stained-Collar Crime Wave

Chapter 16: The Hard Work of Friendship

Chapter 17: Silver Keeps Her Agency

Chapter 18: Hopper’s Real Estate Advice

Chapter 19: Hopper Visits a Dead Woman’s Apartment

Chapter 20: All Parents Damage Their Kids

Chapter 21: Dead Artists Roll Over in Their Graves

Banner: Paul Brake | Instagram: @paul_brake

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