Creative Update

I have not abandoned this blog.

My creative endeavors are dominated by my efforts to complete a novel, “Confessions of a Lapsed Altar Boy.” I started this novel about two decades ago, put it aside, reread it last year, and decided to resuscitate it.

I am also trying to complete a sculpture/project called “Nectar of the Gods.” You can read about it here or visit #dmddmv on Instagram. My goal is to complete 400 images.

Lastly, I am in the midst of a yearlong project called “Yesterday,” which involves me sending a postcard every day to a friend describing something significant or interesting or silly that happened to me the day before. I started with a list of 34 people I do not want to lose track of; some of them I have known for 40 or more years. This list is now down to 33 because I have lost track of a dear friend who would hate it if I published her name on the internet.

I hope to return to regular or semi-regular blogging in 2023 once the novel is finished.

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