Why Joe Biden Makes Sense for Republicans

For many Republicans, the idea of pulling the lever for a Democratic president can hurt. I feel your pain, but it’s not too late to save your party by voting for Joe Biden. Donald Trump is certainly the leader of a movement, but he is not a Republican, nor does he represent the traditional Republican values of respect for tradition, hierarchy, fiscal conservatism, parliamentary government, social stability, and continuity. Does Donald Trump remind you of Dwight Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan, or George Bush the father or son? Donald Trump has painted the Republican Party into a corner where nothing matters except power.

Top 10 Reasons Why Joe Biden Makes Sense for Parents

You always worry about your children. Always. It doesn’t matter if your child is 5 months old, 5 years old, 25, years old, or 50 years old. It is part of your job description as a parent to worry about your kids. Here is a Top 10 list of priorities in your life once you became a parent.

Why Joe Biden Makes Sense for Business

After electing a businessman instead of a politician to drain the swamp and shake things up in Washington, we must come to the conclusion that the job of President of the United States actually requires a politician who can negotiate with both Republicans and Democrats, governors, leaders of other countries – and the business community. We need a president who will not pick favorites or stack the odds against American companies and small businesses based on prickly whim.

Why Joe Biden Makes Sense for Bankers

Dear Banker: I believe you have serious doubts about a second Donald Trump term as POTUS and questions about how Joe Biden’s election would affect your bank. Here’s why I believe that it makes business sense for you to vote for Joe Biden this November.