This Elizabeth Warren Supporter Will Stan for Joe Biden

Last year I volunteered to make phone calls for the presidential candidate I felt most capable not only of defeating President Voldemort, but who could right all the wrongs being inflicted on our country by a political leadership that cares only for what it wants. My candidate was Elizabeth Warren. I loved talking to strangers … Continue reading This Elizabeth Warren Supporter Will Stan for Joe Biden

Ruby and Teddy’s Coronavirus Adventure

Ruby O’Riordan had plans for her retirement. Travel, home improvement, playing with grandchildren, and then more travel. In her work as a management consultant, she had traveled by air or train to most states, all of Europe, and several countries in eastern Asia, advising corporate clients on how to streamline their personnel processes. Her husband … Continue reading Ruby and Teddy’s Coronavirus Adventure

My Shame

For the three decades, my parents, teachers, society, and our patriarchal culture pushed me toward the standard expected of men: perfection, in control, master of my universe. Success followed and I was given little reason to experience that fear of being unworthy.

Art and Public Nudity

One of my most rewarding experiences as a junior book editor in the 1980's was working with the late English journalist Colin Simpson, who I recall had a reputation as somewhat of a scoundrel and troublemaker – the perfect combination for any ambitious editor chasing the best-seller list.