About Third Ed Novak

Welcome to Third Ed Novak!

Edward A. Novak III (me) is an only child whose father was an unhappy only child whose father estranged himself from his family. As the fruit of so much dissatisfaction and loneliness, it seems inevitable that I would grow up to become a self-absorbed bastard. An added gift is that I make things far more complicated than they need be. I over-think matters and provide complex answers to the simplest questions. I know that things are not what they seem and that the universe is slightly out of whack.

Amid this confusion, what do we do? We live life until we die and along the way do as much good as possible, laugh insanely and cry at every opportunity, work until we drop, and hope that the world benefits from our existence.

The OBJECTIVE of this blog is to sort out some of my creative ventures completed under the guise of two identities: the real Ed Novak and my online alter ego, Stephen Dedalus, Jr. Third Ed Novak will combine new content with legacy content that has appeared elsewhere (and perhaps been updated). The GOAL of this blog is to provide my loved ones with insights into why I did what I did.

Third Ed Novak is not a cry for help, but a sign post on one life’s journey. Along the journey, we seek out co-conspirators for our adventure.

Won’t you join me?