Edward A. Novak III suffers from all the personality traits of an only child. He is a self-absorbed bastard who over-thinks matters and provides complex answers to the simplest questions. He believes that things are not what they seem and that the universe is slightly out of whack.

He was born on the opposite coast of his current residence and has lived in six of the largest Metropolitan Statistical Areas in the United States and the fourth largest MSA in Pennsylvania. He was educated by Jesuits to be skeptical and has worked in book publishing, higher education, and government regulatory oversight. He once held a job where he would call up the police, inform them of what actions he was about to take and where, and ask them not to arrest him.

Third Ed Novak is not a cry for help, but a sign post on one life’s journey. Along the journey, we seek out co-conspirators for our adventure.

Won’t you join me?