10 Images You Maybe Should Not Share on Facebook During the Pandemic

  1. Announcement that you are taking a road trip to Florida two days after the national emergency was declared. Florida?!?!?
  2. Close-up of you looking impossibly fabulous and smug in a swimming suit in the saltwater pool in your backyard in the Hamptons on an 89-degree day.
  3. Selfie taken at a BLM protest with your BFF’s. Everyone is white and smiling like it’s a party and no one is wearing a mask.
  4. Sharing that photo of you eating the wings at a strip club 438 miles from where you’re supposed to be.
  5. Drone images of the 300-foot yacht on which you are quarantining.
  6. Close-up of that Fennel-Dusted Pacific Halibut with a Mélange of Our Garden’s Vegetables taken from inside a 3-star Michelin restaurant the day after your governor banned indoor dining.
  7. Before and after photos showing results of skin lightning creams. Wait…you should never post those photos.
  8. That video of you crashing a hang glider on the Outer Banks three hours before the island closed to tourists because, you know, fear of the tourists.
  9. You with your arm around a much younger woman who is not your wife and you both have your pants unzipped. And you are on a yacht.
  10. That video of you playing guitar and singing a Neil Young medley at that open mic night from two years ago.

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