The Naked Emperor: Part 2 — Guns

This is Part 2 of a series on why you should consider voting for Joe Biden instead of the carnival barker, con man, and scam artist known as Donald Trump (read Part 1). In my experience, Trump is a very loud and brash emperor who has no clothes.

As we approach November 3, 2020, allow me to perform an appraisal of this emperor’s clothes on the issues that divide us the most. To paraphrase fashion arbiter Tim Gunn, do Trump’s clothes “make it?”

Trump’s Jacket: Where the Democrats are Always Coming for Your Guns

Gun owners are scared that the Joe Biden and the Democrats are coming for their guns because of all the mass shootings: Orlando, Sandy Hook, Charleston, Las Vegas, etc. They should be scared, and that’s why they should be part of the solution to gun violence.

Donald Trump claims that Joe Biden and the Democrats hate the Second Amendment. He claims that gun owners should be frightened that their guns will be taken away. He claims that he is the only thing standing between gun owners and mass confiscation of their weapons.

Let’s look at the record:

Guns are part of the American way of life. No single politician nor any Congress nor Supreme Court ruling is going to change the presence of guns in our communities. However, politicians and courts can have an impact on how gun ownership and use can be safe.

As in so many areas, Trump reacts to headlines, promising action on gun violence after a shooting and then letting the issue slide when the headlines go away and journalists have moved on to the next story.

Joe Biden actually has a plan to reduce gun violence in our communities that leaves this part of the American way of life protected for law-abiding citizens.

  • What Would Tim Gunn Say about Donald Trump’s jacket? It’s easily four inches too long. He’s practically wearing a tunic. It’s a bathrobe.

Trump is not interested in reducing gun violence in this country. He is interested only in keeping the National Rifle Association off his back.

Please vote for Joe Biden. Thanks for your consideration.

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The author served as Director of Communications for the Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities under Republican and Democratic administrations from 2008-2018. His opinions do not necessarily reflect the policies and views of the department or those of current Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf.

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