UPDATED: Notes on the Trump Mob

I was on Capitol Hill the morning of January 6, 2021, to photograph what I believed were the last remnants of my fellow citizens expressing displeasure over the results of the presidential election. After photographing several other pro-Trump rallies in our nation’s capital in November and December, I felt certain the embers of political fervor were dying. With each successive rally, spirits deteriorated from upbeat hope (that somehow the election results would be reversed) to grim and desperate appeals to God to show favor on their candidate.

When I returned home at midday and turned on my television, I was shocked at what was playing out in the wake of my departure. By early evening, I wrote down my thoughts on the spectacle of violence we had witnessed in real time from our homes (here).

Even amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the impact of January 6th for residents of the DMV was devastating. Thousands of National Guard formed an occupation force (however well-intentioned and necessary). Riot fencing topped by barbed wire ringed the areas surrounding the White House, every federal building on Capitol Hill, many of our beloved national monuments, and other possible targets (such as the Federal Reserve). Tensions remained high through the inauguration and for months afterwards as DC – an American city with 700,000 residents — took on the characteristics of an armed camp.

I have chosen several photographs taken during this tumultuous period in our local history as a reminder of what transpired a year ago. I urge you to reflect on these images and be open to taking away something you had not previously considered about the failed insurrection. (Click to enlarge; captions underneath gallery)

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