Why Joe Biden Makes Sense for All Women

So, last month Donald Trump tweeted at the mythical “suburban housewife” and I guess that’s now gotta be a thing:

There’s a lot to unpack in this tweet, so let’s hit some highlights:

Just Who is This “Suburban Housewife?”

Since Donald Trump is a reality TV star, one could easily conclude that he confused the “Desperate Housewives” TV show or the “Real Housewives” television franchise with women in real life.  

OK, we’re all grown-ups in this room, right? His use of this term refers to white, married mothers who live in the suburbs with their families and do not work outside of the home.

Trump was also harking back to a day – decades ago — when American suburbs could be described as overwhelmingly white. However, he has not updated that snapshot in his memory to understand the diverse mix of people who already occupy America’s suburbs.

He should also update his understanding of American women: about half of women work outside the home and only about half of American adults are actually married.

Maybe Trump should get out of the house, Mar-a-Lago, and his golf courses and visit some suburbs.

How to Help Make a Woman Feel Safe

This is only anecdotal evidence, but I believe that women do not feel safe when:

  • Strange men are grabbing their genitalia (here)
  • Strange men are walking into their dressing rooms (here)
  • They are being sexually assaulted (here)
  • Police officers break into their homes by mistake and shoot them dead while they are sleeping in their own beds (here)

Here’s some of what women are saying about what actually makes them feel safe:

  • Men: Keep your hands to yourself.
  • Men: Let her know that you are actively listening to her.
  • Men: Don’t shoot unarmed women who are sleeping in their own beds just because you broke into the wrong residence.

Who are You Calling “Low Income?”

OK, we’re still being grown-ups, right? You know that “low income” is the whypipo code for people who are Black or Latino. You also know that Donald is in real estate and that he is just trying to scare us white folks with that old “the Blacks are moving in next door” ploy to flip your house.

FYI: the suburban town and county where my white privilege and I live are roughly 30 percent white and I have failed to be murdered over and over again.

Corey Booker is a Black Man!

Just like Obama. You know what that means!

Why Joe Biden Makes Sense for All Women

Let’s just get this out of the way: Joe has not been perfect when it comes to making women feel safe and at ease. However:

  • Joe also has a history of actually acknowledging and apologizing for his mistakes. In these incidents, I believe he is made a better person. Even Anita Hill has announced that she will vote for him.
  • Joe has a full agenda for women based on a simple premise: his daughter is entitled to the same rights and opportunities as his sons. As the father of daughters, I get that. He is focused on:
    • Suburban women, city women, and country women
    • Women working in the home, women working outside the home
    • White women. Black women. Brown women. Yellow women.
    • Married women. Unmarried women.
  • After Kamala ripped him a new one in that debate, do you think she’s going to be shy about promoting women in Biden Administration policies and practices?

Please vote for Joe Biden on November 3. Thanks for your consideration.


The author served as Director of Communications for the Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities during Democratic and Republican administrations from 2008-2018. His opinions do not necessarily reflect the policies and views of the department or those of the administration of current Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf.

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